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Ipurgatory LLC About Us

We, like many others before us; are creators, designers, thinkers, and love Supernatural!

One day, I, Heather, feeling sad Supernatural is ending, fell for the Bodibuds Scam. When I started investigating this on my Supernatural group, someone shared a post from The Purgatory owner in February 2020.

In this letter stated they had no associations to Bodibuds and will be placing their site for sale.  I got excited of the potential new challenge in my life and spoke to my husband, Axell. Now we're the proud owners of Supernatural with a dream.

Lately, majority of products are cheaply made for faster production and overseas. Many of our U.S. businesses are also loosing money to this and transaction returns are high. Therefore, I always wanted to support my country as well as make lives better and complete.

Obtaining Fandom Merchandise that'll last close to forever as possible and either made or supplied in the U.S. And the dream blossomed to reality and started planning to take over the Fandom world!


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