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Who do you like more: Sam or Dean Winchester? Why?

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Here are 15 Answers to this question!
From random people in a random order.

Sam Winchester. I like Dean a lot too, Sam is just more compelling and relatable.

Sam is sensitive to the suffering of other people, he is consciously aware of his mistakes on a larger scale, more so than Dean and especially more so than Cas who never seems to learn anything from his mistakes.

Sam is a realist, he sees the world as it is, not black and white, just grey. He is intelligent and perceptive. He rarely gets any credit for it though. He is humble.

Sam is one of the most admirable characters in fiction, he overcame so much and he acts far more courageously than any human being should ever have to. He carried the faith for his family when they felt lost. Sam always put other people first, he’s always going to think about Dean and random strangers before he thinks about himself because he’s selfless. It quotes Marie in the 200th episode, Sam is sweet, brave, selfless, and there’s nothing he can’t too.


For me, it’s always been, Sam. Of course, I love Dean - who wouldn’t? - but I’ve always been the one to fall for the underdogs, the one who’s always underrated. Here are some reasons why:

  1. He’s super smart. I mean honestly, Sam got a 174 on his LSAT and was attending Stanford University. Need I say more? His memory is remarkable and he’s always pulling facts about the monsters they’re hunting right from his brain. I wish I could be as smart as him.
  2. He’s hella cute. I know this is probably the pettiest reason on my list, but, as a young, easily influenced girl, Sam was so cute to me. I fell in love with his fabulous hair (season 8 was golden, dear lord), his puppy dog eyes, his cute smile. I find all of his features so adorable and appealing, although many (including myself) will agree that Dean has the more conventionally attractive looks.
  3. He’s empathetic, kind, and thoughtful. Sam’s always so forgiving of everyone around him, and he tries his best to fix his mistakes and learn from them.
  4. He’s a great brother. I know everyone loves to say “Dean is the better brother!” but Dean has always needed Sam as a crutch due to his dysfunctional-family upbringing in an unhealthy way, while Sam has been able to part from that to an extent (and some people don’t realize this). Sam would do anything for Dean, just as Dean would for him. All you need for proof is Seasons 3 and 10, or, you know, that time he overpowered fucking Satan because he knew that the devil possessing him was beating Dean to death and couldn’t let that happen.
  5. He’s really brave and determined - let’s not forget he once saved the world. And would have died to do it again. He also has never given up on his brother (let’s ignore the writers fucking up in season 8, there is no way in hell Sam would rest if he knew Dean or Kevin was alive).
  6. He’s strong. Dean emerged from Hell a broken, damaged mess, and let’s not forget he didn’t even meet the devil. Sam was trapped in a cage with two angry archangels and was tortured by Lucifer himself, and still managed to get up every day and put his problems aside. I say this not to compare Sam and Dean, but to show how strong Sam has been to have endured the mental illness and hallucinations he faced following the pain he endured.
  7. He’s always tried to do what he can to be his own person. From the very first episode, it is evident that Sam has tried to think for himself and free himself of the toxic life his father laid out for him. He wanted to pursue his own future, be his own person, and make himself happy. Even now, he still does, but he would never let himself be separated from Dean.
  8. He’s funny. I know the writers have really made Dean out to be the hilarious one in the duo, but Sam has his own moments. He is more subtly sarcastic and a good foil to Dean. He’s had some amazing one-liners over the seasons and Dean’s jokes and bumblings wouldn’t be so funny if Sam wasn’t there to react to them.

Let me put this in caps - DEAN WINCHESTER !!

I know Sam is the hotter one with that amazing body his height is like oh my God but my Dean just compensates everything with that smile. I mean look at him!

Second is, of course, his bravery. He can go any height whether it is to save his brother or an innocent stranger.

His sacrifices for this life that he has chosen are bigger than anything. Honestly, apart from Sam and the Impala, Dean doesn't really own anyone or anything. And he loves this life. He never goes ahead to want more. That's huge.

His anger. When he says dialogues like “I'm gonna rip your throat apart” or “I will kill you, your children and your grandchildren”. Not even kidding, I get goosebumps.

Sometimes, Sam hasn't looked out for Dean but there never has been a moment when Dean hasn't looked out for Sam. Dean has always considered him his everything and given him all the love there is in Deans' heart.



He's strong and selfless. He demonstrates this on many, many occasions. He was being tormented by hallucinations of Satan (you know, the one who tortured him for either two centuries or a few millennia depending on which calculation you use) and said: “A lot of people got it worse.”

I suffered with hallucinations for about four or five days, not voices or people like in media but just enough visual, auditory, and tactile discrepancies from reality for me to think Sam is fricking amazing for living life, for handling guns and being there for his brother the best he could, while regularly having to ignore what his brain is telling him. Because hallucinations are scary. When your own brain is lying to you, and you don't know what's real… that's one of the worst things that can happen to you, in my opinion.

He lives by the motto “It doesn't matter what you are, it only matters what you do.” Sam will accept you for what you are, no matter how inherently wrong you may feel inside.

Sam forgives everyone, one might argue more than he should. He doesn't hold grudges.

He has glorious hair that's being kept a reasonable length these days (I drew the line at early season 8) and his face and basically all of him is beautiful.

He likes puns and he likes quoting people for dramatic effect. Although the writers have pigeonholed Dean as the funny one, Sam still comes out with a couple good sarcastic comments once in a while.

He, at one point at least, knew when to remove himself from a toxic family environment and pursue the life he wanted. (Sadly he is more codependent with Dean now than before.) He had the courage to remind Dean, in the pilot, that if it weren't for pictures he wouldn't even know what his mother looked like. In other words, that the quest for revenge wasn't his fight. He could say no.

He's smart as hell. You know how his LSAT (law school admission test) score is 174? That really is, to quote Jessica, scary good. The average score is 150. The maximum score is 180. He knows something about almost everything and has a photographic memory. He's even pretty decent at math.

This probably wasn't my most coherent writing, but I love Sam so much. I identify with him on many levels, because a lot of my upbringing and family dynamics is similar to his. I grew up kind of emotionally distant from my family and watching Supernatural helped me learn how and when to appreciate them.


Dean. I do love Sam too but for me, the oldest Winchester has always had my heart. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. He's funny. Sam can have his moments but Deans one-liners and perfect comedy timing always crack me up. I love a guy that can make me laugh. He also uses humor as a defense mechanism which is very cute.
  2. He's loyal. Loyalty is one of my fave traits in a person and Dean has it in abundance. Once you earn his loyalty you have it for life.
  3. He's street smart. Yeah, Sam can hit the books but when it comes to being street wise Dean comes out on top.
  4. He's a pop culture nerd. Sam always gets the nerd title and he is the nerd in terms of academics but Deans a nerd when it comes to tv shows, films etc…His extensive knowledge of Scooby Doo is incredibly cute, I know I would get on with this side of Dean very well.
  5. He has cool music taste. Enough said.
  6. He's old school. An iPod in the Impala? No way! His retro ways are hot.
  7. He knows how to have fun. Sam takes everything too seriously, Dean likes to have a good time even in the face of all the crap in their lives. He's a free spirit.
  8. He drives the Impala. Again, enough said.
  9. He's a bad boy, but the right amount of bad boy. Enough to make things exciting, but he's still caring too.
  10. He's hot. Very hot! His eyes, his smile, his voice, that body…need I say more?
  11. Lastly but probs most importantly. He loves his brother more than anything in the world. He is dedicated to Sam and it is beautiful to see. (Yes I know to be fair Sam is a pretty great brother too, but Deans whole protective older brother thing has always had me weak at the knees!) So there you have it. I could probably think of loads more but these are the main reasons why I'm a Dean girl through and through and always will be.

For me, it's Dean, absolutely. For example when somebody said “oh my god” and he replied “called me Dean”, or the episode of yellow fever, the whole thing where he's just terrified about everything including a cat and he screams like a girl -up-to-date, that’s still my email tone-, or when he states that he's Batman, among others, places him in the top position for funny character, in my humble opinion. He's got a heart of gold, he's loyal and willing to sacrifice himself if he thinks you're worthy. Sam is too serious, too responsible.


Dean Winchester any day!

Look at him he is gross, broken, jerk and isn't as good as Sam in being a perfectionist but there is that thin line which keeps him way above Sam.

He cares about his family more than anything else. He makes her love forget the past in order to protect her. He stood there with his father when needed the most. He was /is always there to save his little brother. Real men love and take good care of their cars, so do him.

If at all there is anyone who can be a friend and foe at the same time with the king of hell, it must be Dean Winchester!

He may be imperfect in the way he craves for food, fall for chicks, fails staying in relationships, lose out his temper.

But he is real. He is the one who doesn't want to give up and chose the hard way of fighting for what is right without giving a damn if it is against God or devil. He is the real being that every man aspires to become!


For me its Dean Winchester, He is little jovial and real badass among two where sam is a serious face and geek type, fellow. I liked dean most when he got Kane mark and he went rogue killed Monster’s family, kicked every one coming in his way(especially Crowley). the whole Kane mark thing is my favorite.

And this song


‘Well if you find God, tell him I'm coming for him next'

‘Dudes time traveling into motel room closets, that's what we've come up to?’

‘You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes, and you don't ….. talk about it! Just turn it off'

‘Cherubs? You mean the little flying fat kids in diapers?’

Dean to Castiel at a brothel - ‘If she asks for a credit card, NO! And just stick to the basics, do not order off the menu' :D

Dean to Castiel - ‘God gives you a brand new shiny set of wings and you are his bitch again’

‘An emergency is a dead body or the freaking apocalypse. Some chick bolting on you isn't emergency, that’s every Friday night for Sam!’

‘So God left you. He didn't work at the post office, did he?’

‘A wise man told me family don’t end in blood, but it doesn’t start there either.’

‘Let’s dance’

‘I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here’

‘Why does it have to be me to make the call huh? It’s not that Cass lives in my ass; the dude’s busy’

‘I’m gonna take care of you because that’s my job right? Watching after my pain in the ass brother?’

Dean to Castiel about having sex with an angel - ‘You telling me you have never done any cloud-seeding?’

Dean to a demon - ‘You gonna kiss me?’

Dean to Castiel, on Glenn Close - ‘Just some psycho bitch who likes to boil rabbits’

Dean to teenager Claire - ‘Hold on there, Miley Cyrus!’

Guess who shoots these amazing dialogues?
Dean Winchester of course :)


I love both of them but Dean is just incredible…I just feel that Sam is depicted as the responsible, intelligent, educated one when he’s always getting himself in trouble for being an idiot.

I mean the whole demon-Ruby-power thing was his choice, Dean was there explicitly telling him to stop but he didn’t listen, I think that he’s so focused on proving himself to Dean his “older brother” that sometimes he goes a little to rough for my liking.

Don’t hate me, of course, that Dean makes mistakes too, at the end of the day they are both humans.

This is just my humble opinion.


I don't like one more than the other. Both brothers have admirable qualities and ultimately become the other’s strength when it comes down to it. Their chemistry is why I am such a fan. We may have lost Crowley and Castiel’s future is questionable. But no matter what, I will stick with both Sam and Dean until the very end. <3


That’s a toughie. If I had to pick one, though, I’d have to say, Dean. Not only for the similar taste in music, but he seems very laid back compared to Sam. I imagine that if I get wasted with Dean we’d have a barbecue, play a few rounds of pool and shit talk each other while jamming out to Zeppelin. There’s no way we’d not go to a strip joint.

Getting drunk with Sam would be fun, but I imagine he’d be more of a darts guy. We’d eat out at some place with a salad bar. I might be able to talk him into going to the club, but he’d probably be throwing ones up on the stage and turning down lap dances then he’d want to leave early. He’s more of a guy I’d like to get a little high with and chat up rather than drink with and fuck around.


For me, I like Dean most but I also can’t think him without Sammy. Sam Winchester is so cute and emotional but Dean is so handsome and sexy. They together show us how to be a perfect man. I think that they complete each other in some ways.


Uhhh well… if Sam is choice A and Dean is choice B then I would have to go with …. C! As in Castiel!! How could you pick Sam or Dean when you know Cass is out there ripe for the picking?!?!


Sam! I feel like he is me in male form…I am geeky and like research and want to believe in the best of everyone, and he tries so hard to be the rock for everyone around him and ignores his own crap until is exploding…yup, me too…

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