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The boys have found a way to get to the Apocalypse World!

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

It’s finally happening. The boys have found a way to get to the Apocalypse World…and now we can only hope that Michael won’t follow them back. (Or maybe we can hope that he will because #drama.)

But before we get to all that, the episode opens in Rhode Island in 1925 where a group of men wearing robes chain a woman wearing a very cute flapper dress to a table for some sort of ritual. They’re able to open a rift, and what comes out, well, has tentacles.

Cut to present day where Sam and Dean are spending their time doing nothing but reading, a task so boring that Dean decides to put Post-Its on Sam’s back — a joke that’s purely for him seeing as how they’re the only two in the bunker. That’s how you know they’re bored. And yet, eventually, Dean finds something on the Seal of Solomon. It seems the Men of Letters found Solomon’s treasure in 1917 and in it, they found a crystal that glowed with an “unearthly light,” AKA the thing the brothers need. The Men of Letters then sent the crystal to an outpost in Rhode Island, which leads to this:

Dean: “Jinkies!”
Sam: “You’re gonna stop that eventually, right?”
Dean: “I don’t know. Probably not.”

It seems Dean, like all of us, is still on that “Scoobynatural” high.

The brothers hit the road to Rhode Island, where they find yet another Men of Letters bunker filled with books. But just as Sam finds some papers about Solomon, they hear someone calling for help. Always the heroes, Sam and Dean bust down a door and discover that same girl from 1925, still chained down, still in her flapper dress. Dean recognizes her from a photo he found at the bunker. Her name is Sandy Porter and she was born in 1903. So how does she still look like she’s in her 20s?

The boys free her, grab the Solomon papers, and head to a nearby diner so that Dean can make fun of Sam’s love of kale. (But he’s not the only one. That waitress calling Sam out on being bland by asking if he could handle a lemon with his water?! Watch it, lady! Only Dean gets to comment on Sam’s diet!)

In the end, what Sam eats doesn’t matter, because all of it is drugged. I guess the cook is connected to the Men of Letters, because he identifies Sandy as soon as she walks in, and once he makes a call, the diner is surrounded by people in robes. And for the first time in the history of Supernatural, Sam is the first to take a bite of his food, so he’s the only one affected by the drugs when the fight breaks out. So while Dean fights, Sam is taken.

But don’t worry — he doesn’t go far. The cook and his sister explain to Sam that their great grandfather was part of the Men of Letters until he went insane. After World War I, he wanted to fix the world, so he summoned a god from another world in the hopes that it would cleanse ours. So that was the ceremony we saw at the beginning of the hour. And Sandy wasn’t a sacrifice; she was a vessel.

As soon as the Men of Letters summoned the god, she ate them all. Ever since then, they’ve been keeping her captive because they don’t know how to kill her. And now, she’s back at the diner where she eats a kid and then kidnaps Dean and takes him back to the bunker. Apparently Dean looks like the perfect vessel for her one true love. As she puts it, “I enjoy looking at your face,” and hey, at least she has good taste.

Just as she opens the rift and summons her tentacled love, Sam and the siblings enter, and thanks to Dean always having a lock pick in his pocket, they’re able to use the Seal of Solomon to close the rift, and when they do, the tentacled monster grabs Sandy and brings her back into his world. It seems he’s sick of living without his love.

Once that’s all over and Dean’s still Dean, the boys explain why they need the Seal of Solomon, and the siblings happily hand it over, but not without some advice: When they cast the spell, it needs a guide, something that’s been where they need to go. As for the rift, it stays open for 24 hours.

With that the boys head home, which brings us to the other major part of this week’s episode: what’s been going on in Hell. After Asmodeus injects himself with some of Gabriel’s grace and reasserts his dominance over Ketch, Ketch realizes he’s in too deep and he wants out. So when Asmodeus leaves him alone, Ketch grabs Gabriel and the archangel blade and heads to the bunker, where he reintroduces Sam and Dean to the archangel they thought was dead, whose grace will serve as the final ingredient to their spell.

Ketch also hands over the archangel blade in exchange for their protection from Asmodeus. In other words, he wants to move into the bunker, and Dean’s okay with it. Except neither of them will actually be spending much time in the bunker. Instead, they’ll be in the Apocalypse World…without Sam.

Now that they have all the ingredients, Dean tells Sam that he’s going to open the door and go through it alone. Sam needs to stay here and deal with Gabriel and everything else. Plus, if Dean isn’t back in 24 hours, Sam will need to come through and save him. As for Ketch, he volunteers to go with Dean and get as far away from Asmodeus as possible. Dean knows Sam doesn’t like the plan, but he tells his little brother that it’s just the way it’s going to be.

And so the hour ends with Dean and Ketch heading through the rift, leaving Sam and Gabriel behind.

Heading into this season, I wasn’t sure how long we were going to get to spend with Apocalypse World, so I’m happy they’re already opening that rift with a good number of episodes left. I don’t know how I feel about the brothers separating, but we are at the point in the season where tension starts to build. And there’s no doubt that something big is coming.

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