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SPN Family — The History of the "Samulet" (Dean's Amulet)

The History of the "Samulet" (Dean's Amulet)

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

The History of the "Samulet" (Dean's Amulet)

In a flashback we find out that eight-year-old Sam obtained the amulet from uncle Bobby, who said it was "real special." Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting states that Bobby got it from "a woman in Tampa who said it was a protective charm." Sam intends it as a Christmas present for John, but when John doesn't make it home for Christmas, and after finding out that John has lied to him about his mother's death and hunting, Sam decides to give Dean the amulet. Sam: Here. Take this. (holding out the wrapped gift to Dean) Dean: No. No, it's for Dad. Sam: Dad lied to me. I want...

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