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SPN Family — The Anti-possession

The Anti-possession Tattoo

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

The Anti-possession Tattoo

Anti-possession symbols are a method to ward off demonic possession. It features a pentagram, or endless knot, which is the reason why it protects those who wear this symbol. The only people known to have this symbol tattooed on their bodies are Sam and Dean Winchester and Sera Siege. Kevin Tran and his mother received these tattoos, though Mrs. Tran's was later burned off, rendering her vulnerable to Crowley. Following Sam's possession by Meg, Bobby gives both Sam and Dean a charm amulet, each of which features a symbol that will prevent demonic possession. The boys reveal that they have had these symbols tattooed on the upper left part of their chests. With this, Sam and Dean can no longer be...

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