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SPN Family — Purgatory

It's like the backside of your worst nightmares!

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

It's like the backside of your worst nightmares!

Purgatory is a supernatural dimension created by God to contain his first and most dangerous beasts, the Leviathans. Over time, it became the destination of the souls of monsters. According to Bobby, it goes by many names, with "Purgatory" just being the most commonly known. There are estimated to be 30-40 million souls in Purgatory. Appearance and Characteristics Purgatory appears to be an endless forest in an almost perpetual gloom or overcast. On two occasions, it was shown to be dark, as if during night time. Fog also naturally occurs in Purgatory. Despite its seemingly infinite size, there are certain locations and bodies of water that are fixed, and are used...

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