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Supernatural Still Going Strong

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

While Supernatural is currently airing its thirteenth season, it’s no surprise why it has successfully become the longest-running American live-action fantasy TV series since its original air date on October 12, 2017.

Supernatural follows two brothers Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester around the country (and in other worlds) as they hunt supernatural evil that the average person doesn’t know exists. Their journey as “hunters” began long before the boys were even born as their parents were both hunters. When Dean was a young boy and Sam was just an infant their mother was killed by a demon. Revenge on this evil demon consumed their father. He decided that we was going to dedicate his life to hunt down the monster that killed his wife. With two small boys there was only one thing he could do, family road trip.

Sam and Dean’s entire life has been surrounded by the supernatural and because of that they were forced to sacrifice any hope of a normal life. During the thirteen seasons Sam and Dean been through many extreme and sometimes devastating events. They have died, been possessed and even stuck in a cage in hell with Lucifer himself.

This lifestyle has made both Sam and Dean two of the most eligible and yet most unattainable bachelors around. In the show, it seems as though almost every girl wants to be exclusive with them, but the brothers know that dating a woman would only put her in danger too. But that doesn’t stop Dean, who puts the world on his stoic shoulders and relieves stress by drinking and casually dating in every small town they catch a case. Sam, however, is the intellectual one of the two. He is constantly reading and researching to help solve the current case while looking for unexplained deaths that may have supernatural influence. Together, the ladies man and book worm make up the best pair of supernatural hunters in the world. Other hunters respect them and the evil they fight are scared of them.

But this begs the real question. Who is hotter? Sam Winchester or Dean Winchester? Comment your answer in the comments below!

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