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Supernatural Season 14: Should Michael/Dean have a beard?

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Supernatural Season 14 production is underway. One big question right now from the costuming department is whether Michael/Dean should have a beard or not?

Throughout Supernatural Hellatus, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki grow their beards. One of the big reasons for this is to feel different from their characters. Well, now Ackles may end up feeling like Michael/Dean during Hellatus, as there is the suggestion that the character will have a beard in Supernatural Season 14.

Production on the season is underway, with Trisha Porter getting the makeup ready. She tweeted out the question to fans last week about whether the archangel should have a beard while in Dean’s body. After all, Apocalypse Michael in Christian Keyes’ vessel had a beard. Would Michael want to keep that in his new form?

Many fans have already brought up the continuity reasoning. Michael had a close-trimmed beard throughout Supernatural Season 13, so wouldn’t he want to have the same in the 14th season?

It would be an interesting option. Dean has previously sported some facial hair, especially when he was under the influence of the Mark of Cain. Deanmon also had some stubble, showing that Dean didn’t really care too much about the way he looked when he just wanted to have some fun. However, this isn’t Dean. This is Michael and it would depend on his preferences. Since he didn’t shave the beard from his vessel in the Apocalypse World, it would suggest that’s what he wants.

Other fans have another idea. What if Sam is the one with the beard? He’d be stressed and that could lead to him not really caring much about his physical appearance. If Michael/Dean remained clean shaven, it would show the stark realities and differences between the two. Michael/Dean has nothing to worry about and has more time to care about his appearance.

There would need to be a time jump for something like this to realistically happen. However, that time jump doesn’t actually need to be that long. Maybe a couple of weeks or months? Plus, Michael’s an archangel, so maybe it could be pulled off as one of his angel powers.

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  • I don’t think a beard is necessary because Jensen is skilled enough in his acting to differentiate Dean from Michael. Besides I prefer his clean shaven look. Dean often has scruff but they can maintain a closer shave for Michael.

    Pamela on

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