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Supernatural Season 14: Should Lucifer stay dead?

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Dead doesn’t mean dead on Supernatural, but is it time for that to change? Should Lucifer remain dead in Supernatural Season 14?

We all know when it comes to our favorite show, dead doesn’t mean dead. The Winchesters have come back time and time again. Castiel recently returned after refusing to go back to sleep and arguing with the Cosmic Entity. Ketch and Rowena have found ways to return. And let’s not even think about the Apocalypse World allowing numerous dead characters to return. But is it time for the dead to stay dead in Supernatural Season 14, just for one particular character?

Yes, it’s all about Lucifer; a character that is loved and hated by the fandom. Mark Pellegrino has divided opinions in the fandom, but take him completely out of the equation. This is about the character Lucifer. Is it time for him to stay dead? After all, he was killed by Michael and that would suggest it’s pretty permanent.

It’s time death meant something

As much as I love dead characters returning now and then, it’s time death meant something again. Originally, when the characters would return, it was a one-off with a shocking twist. Dean sold his soul to save Sam. When Dean died multiple times, it was because he and Sam were trapped in a Groundhog Day-style loop and it turned out to be a lesson from Gabriel.

Now, it seems like every dead character makes a comeback. While some are for understandable storylines (we got to see the development of a vengeful spirit through Bobby and Kevin couldn’t pass on because Heaven was all closed up) many others have come back for the sake of coming back. Supernatural Season 13 brought back numerous characters and it did start to become a little less exciting than the first couple of returns.

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Death needs to start meaning something, otherwise, people aren’t going to be as shocked when death happens. Fans will just wait for the writers to finally change their plans.

But it’s not just about death meaning something. Tell us what you think in the comments below, please! 

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  • No Lucifer should not stay already had Crowley stay dead and that was a should of brought him back

    Diane allen on

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