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Supernatural Season 14 Renewal Confirmed by The CW

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Supernatural Season 14 is officially a go at The CW, continuing the monster-slaying saga of the Winchesters.

Supernatural Season 14 is a done deal for The CW this fall, thanks to the network's official renewal!

Indeed, the Winchester Brothers will continue to carry on past unlucky 13, extending Supernatural's status as, by far, the longest-running series in the history of The CW (or predecessor channel The WB). While the network seemed to be priming the pump for a replacement with the recent backdoor pilot for proposed spinoff series Wayward Sisters, the veteran series continues to innovate, showing no real reason to be put out to serial television pasture. In fact, showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb have seemingly teased some Season 14 plans.

Supernatural Season 14 Story

At the Supernatural panel held at the 2018 PaleyFest in Hollywood, Singer and Dabb – appearing onstage with the main cast and key personnel in front of a raucous crowd of adoring fans – dropped some intriguing hints about where (the now-confirmed) Season 14 would be headed. Apparently, we need not look any further than Episode 4 of the (currently-running,) Season 13, which aired on November 2, 2017, titled “The Big Empty,” which saw Misha Collins's angel Castiel revived from his latest demise, stuck in a dark void, called the Empty. When asked whether the Empty could be revisited on the series, showrunners Singer and Dabb took the answer a step further, with Singer explaining:

We might visit it next year. We’re talking about it.” At which point he jokingly amends, “Not on this show.”

To elaborate on the Empty, Castiel, killed by Lucifer in the Season 12 finale (for second time by Lucifer, serving as his fifth death overall,) was willed back to life by the powerful newborn Nephilim, Jack (Alexander Calvert); an act that sent Castiel into a dark, formless void – purportedly residing outside the reach of God or the Darkness – where dead angels and demons rest for eternity. There, the clearly-unrestful Castiel is confronted by its angry ruler, a self-described “Cosmic Entity” that takes his form and initially refuses to let him pass back into life, ultimately capitulating to Cas’s demand after his threats of eternal annoyance in the void. The scenes allowed Collins to showcase extremely entertaining banter with, well, himself, both as Castiel and the misanthropic smooth-talking entity.

Consequently, we're left to wonder if the Empty's cranky Cosmic Entity – as played by Collins – could serve as the next big bad in Season 14.

Going into Supernatural Season 14, the series continues to be a network bedrock, and CW president, Mark Pedowitz, has implied in the past that the series would carry on as long as stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, wish it to continue. Judging by the stars’ enthusiasm, we have yet to reach such an impasse. In fact, the panel saw the stars reiterate their love for the show’s arrangement and trust in its creative direction, despite the fact that neither of them brandishes the additional title of the producer or executive producer, as stars of many veteran shows tend to earn over the course of years of contract negotiations.

Another Supernatural Season 14 hint came when the discussion shifted to the aforementioned series newcomer, Alexander Calvert, in his role as Jack. Singer describes a rather lengthy casting process, apparently justified by its long-term nature... prospectively beyond Season 13:

“We saw a lot of people for this part. We knew it was going to be a season long, and maybe more, part.”

The arrival of Jack, the son of Lucifer and a human woman, was an event that was central to Season 12, culminating that season with the birth of a fully-grown, innocent, yet nigh-omnipotent, game-changer for the series. Since then, Jack's divided struggle between honouring his deceased human mother and embracing his divinely-powerful abilities continue to be a major aspect of the current season, prospectively evolving beyond that scope.

Supernatural Season 14 Release Date

For now, you can expect Supernatural Season 14 to arrive in the traditional early October premiere window favoured by The CW. Of course, we'll know a lot more about the details after the show's (expected) annual Comic-Con panel in late-July.

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