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Supernatural: Mary Winchester Has Become ‘Apocalypse Mom’ To Jack

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

It has been a minute since Supernatural has spent any time with Jack (Alexander Calvert) or Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), but now that the series is gearing up for the end of season 13, the two are set to feature prominently in the episodes to come. While the Winchesters were off being saved by the Wayward Sisters or crossing over with the Scooby gang, Mary and Jack have been leading a revolution in what Calvert likes to call “Apocalypse World,” and he says their time spent in one another’s company has helped the son of Lucifer find a “greater purpose.”

Season 13 has split its time between the real world and the alternate one (i.e., Apocalypse World), checking in now and again with the plucky band of rebels led by Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) who’ve discovered just how valuable Jack and Mary can be in the fight against their not-so heavenly overlords.

Calvert spoke with Screen Rant recently about the last few episodes of Supernatural season 13, and what’s in store for Jack in the alternate reality ruled by the archangel Michael. He not only spoke about Jack’s path moving forward, but also dubbed Mary Winchester a his “Apocalypse Mom,” which is a relationship that will prove to be incredibly important to the character. Calvert said:

“I think a huge thing for Jack has always been family and belonging. And he definitely has that with the Winchester brothers. But because Kelly Kline is dead, he never got to meet his mother — I mean he did, in a round about way — but he really doesn’t have a relationship with his mom. It’s been kind of fun to work with [Samantha Smith] because she gets to be Jack’s Apocalypse Mom, which is great.

I really think Mary’s helped Jack on his path to maybe a greater purpose. He’s really been able to focus his efforts and his powers onto a goal. Working with Mary — and obviously she’s pretty bad ass — she’s been not only Apocalypse Mom, but also his partner in crime as well.”

Jack isn’t just new to the world of Supernatural, he’s new to the world. Period. The character has been on a journey of self-discovery since the season began and although he’s been separated from Sam and Dean for some time, connecting with the mother they barely knew may actually bring him closer to surrogate brothers, as well as put him on the path he needs to take in order to discover the person he wants to become.


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