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Supernatural: Jensen Ackles' new character revealed

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from the season 13 finale of Supernatural. Read at your own risk.

After years of watching Jared Padalecki play a handful of characters other than Sam Winchester on Supernatural — think: Lucifer or Gadreel — it’s finally time for Jensen Ackles to step out of Dean’s shoes and try out a new role. Ackles previously revealed to EW that he would be playing a new character at the end of Supernatural’s 13th season, and in Thursday’s finale, the identity of that character was revealed.

When Lucifer stole Jack’s grace and got his hands on Sam, Dean was willing to do anything to save his brother (and also, the universe). So, in a moment that’s been years in the making, Dean said yes to Michael. After all, we learned in season 5 that Dean is Michael’s perfect vessel, or as Zachariah put it, he’s Michael’s sword. So Dean’s hope was that, with his sword, Michael could defeat Lucifer.

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Spoiler: Dean was right. Michael killed his brother … but he didn’t let go of Dean, despite their deal that the fight would be a one-time thing. Heading into season 14, Ackles’ main character will Michael (who apparently has a thing for suits).


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