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Supernatural: 20 Things Wrong With Sam And Dean Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

After thirteen seasons, fans of Supernatural have gotten to know their two favorite demon-hunting brothers pretty well. Sam and Dean Winchester have been through quite a lot since the show first aired in 2005. They have traveled across the country battling everything from fairies to Lucifer himself, and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

While many fan-favorite characters have been introduced over the years, like Crowley and Castiel, the brothers are still at the heart of the story. Their relationship has been the driving plotline of the show since episode one. Despite Dean’s complaints, they seem to have a lot of “chick-flick moments” and truly love each other. When the whole world seems to be against them, they always have each other's back.

The pair has certainly had their fair share of ups and downs. While they are usually considered heroes, they have both done things that they aren’t exactly proud of. There are also moments when their characterization is a bit faulty or there are inconsistencies with their actions. After thirteen seasons, however, it’s easy for fans to forgive their two favorite hunters and the mistakes surrounding them.

With that said, here are the 20 Things Wrong With Sam And Dean That Supernatural Fans Choose To Ignore.



In most shows, when a character loses his or her life, that’s it - there’s no coming back. Supernatural, however, isn’t like most shows. Whenever Sam or Dean perishes, they come back to life.

This lack of permanence makes it hard for some episodes to hit as hard as the writers would like.

While it’s always sad when one brother is mourning the other, it isn’t nearly as heartbreaking as it could be because the audience knows Sam or Dean will eventually come back.

Of course, the show needs Sam and Dean to both survive in order to continue on, so it wouldn’t make sense if either of them perished for good, at least not until the final episode.



As the stereotypical bad boy, he has certainly always had a way with the ladies. Particularly during the first few seasons, he seems to try and hook up with a different woman every night and is constantly flirting. He’s been known to treat women more like conquests than like human beings and he often makes offensive remarks about their appearance.

While he’s grown up a bit in the past few seasons and is less focused on being such macho alpha-dog all the time, it’s definitely an aspect of Dean that most fans try to ignore.


It seems like every episode of Supernatural has a fight scene in which Sam gets knocked out. Despite being a professional hunter for most of his life, his enemies always seem to get the drop on him.

Fans have caught on to this recurring trend and feel like Sam is being pushed to the side so that Dean always has the spotlight. Particularly in recent seasons, he’s sometimes treated more like a prop than like the main character.

It’s possible that he can’t hold his own in fights because he’s meant to be more of the brains while Dean is meant to be the brawn, but it just doesn’t make sense that he would constantly get his butt kicked with all of the training that he's had.


Since Dean’s first appearance in the pilot episode, it’s been clear that he idolizes his father. He’s constantly insisting that he and Sam need to follow John’s orders and refuses to speak ill against his dad for years.

While in the later seasons Dean does address the issues John had in a little more depth, he still has a certain level of respect John simply doesn’t deserve. He was incredibly abusive and damaged both of his sons.

John raised his kids in a life of violence and refused to be nurturing in any way.

He abandoned Sam and Dean for weeks at a time when they were just young kids, leaving Dean to act as a parent. A lot of fans simply don’t understand why Dean idolizes his dad so much.


Sam Winchester’s hair has always been a hot topic among Supernatural fans. He’s styled it in many different ways over the years and some fans will even use his hair length as a way to tell which season they are watching.

While his hair has always been glorious, it doesn’t exactly make sense how it always looks so great. For one, they live in and out of hotels and it’s unlikely that he takes the time to meticulously blow-dry and style his hair every morning. Sure, he may have had all that once they got to the bunker, but it’s always been flawless.

On top of that, he’s been possessed, gone to Hell, and has had countless other horrible things happen to him. How has his hair stayed so beautiful throughout everything?



One brother can’t pass away without the other sacrificing himself in order to bring him back. It’s a cycle that even the reapers have noticed, telling both boys that the next time one passes away, it’ll be permanent. When they were entered into a psych ward in season five, the doctor separated the two because their relationship seems “dangerously codependent.

It’s hard for one brother to function without the other. They tend to isolate themselves from others and rely mostly on each other. It’s a weakness that fans are all-too-aware of and try not to focus on.


When Supernatural first started, both Sam and Dean have interesting storylines. It could be argued that the show started with the focus on Sam. He’s the first character fans see and the first season is partially about his reintroduction into the hunting life.

Since the earlier seasons, though, the show has started to focus more and more on Dean.

It’s gotten the point that Sam fans have been vocal about him being treated more as a supporting role than as the main character.

When Sam is the focus, it’s more about his reaction to Dean’s actions than anything else. With two main characters on the show, they should both be getting their own arcs. Fans have been asking for the show to focus equally on both characters for a while now.


While Dean certainly has a soft, dorky side to him underneath all his machismo and ego, there is also an incredibly dark side to him. He seems to thoroughly enjoy violence and taking lives.

He’s grown up destroying ghosts, monsters, and everything in between. Since he was a young kid, when he started hunting, he’s become completely desensitized to violence and blood. He’s even gone after creatures and people who didn’t exactly deserve to lose their lives.

His morality is questionable at times and he’s even been shown smiling and laughing after taking a life. While fans push it aside or even laugh it off, it’s a little bit demented and unsettling if thought about enough.


Sam and Dean have had plenty of different love interests over the years, from temporary hookups to actual relationships. Sam, however, can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to women.

The show started off with his long-term girlfriend, Jessica, being burned alive on the ceiling. Since then, his romances have all been pretty tragic. He also entered a relationship with Ruby, who ended up betraying him and opening Hell’s gate, as well as falling for a werewolf who had her life taken by Dean.

When he finally found love with Amelia in season eight, she ended up with her husband, who she previously believed had perished. Fortunately for her, she got to keep her life. Most of Sam’s love interests aren’t so lucky.



Sam was trapped as well, though Dean chose to revive him. Fans expected that, in typical Winchester fashion, Dean and Sam would find a way to get their brother back. However, as of season thirteen, Adam is still sitting in Hell.

There have even been moments in episodes like “Fan Fiction” where the show pokes fun at the fact the brothers just left him there.

Sam and Dean always act like family is the most important thing, but it seems like this doesn’t apply to their half-brother.


Since season one, fans have always laughed at Dean’s eating habits. He’s obsessed with burgers, pie, and all things junk food related. While Sam has switched to a healthier diet as he’s gotten older, Dean’s diet remains the same.

After more than a decade of eating junk food, his health should be affected. It doesn’t matter how much someone works out, eating bad, greasy food will catch up to them. It’s clear that Dean doesn’t do much working out either, other than beating up bad guys when he’s hunting.

The show does give the audience a glimpse of what his eating habits could do to him in his old age when he turns into an old man in “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”, but there should be ramifications of his diet way before then.


While both Winchesters have done some questionable things throughout the years, Sam triggering the apocalypse is by far one of the worst. Though Dean contributed to it, Sam is the one who actually started the end of the world when he took Lilith's life.

Of course, he didn’t make an evil decision to start it, but he did it nonetheless. While he was blamed at first, it seems like everyone has moved on and forgiven both he and Dean for the role they played in starting the apocalypse.

He nearly destroyed all of human civilization, but no one seems to remember or care. His heroic deeds are what the characters and fans alike would rather remember him for.


Sam and Dean have fought countless battles throughout their lives as hunters. They’ve received everything from bruises and scrapes to life-threatening injuries and have even lost their lives a few times.

Despite all that, though, they never seem to have any major injuries or scars. Sometimes the wounds they get on the screen disappear by the next scene. Dean did say he was reborn a new man after he crawled out of Hell, but he and Sam should still show at least minor injuries.

While some fans have a theory that Castiel heals them after they receive injuries, he only made his first appearance in season four.

The boys should have had scars and bruises show up before that.



Throughout the seasons, he has flip-flopped over whether or not he wants to be a hunter or not. In season eight, he attempted to make a life with Amelia but eventually ended up with Dean again fighting demons and monsters.

At times he’ll give speeches about wanting a normal life, and at others, he preaches loyalty to the hunting life. Maybe he truly is torn, but it seems a bit too confusing to some fans.


While Sam and Dean are always trying to save the world when they go after monsters and demons, to normal people - and particularly law enforcement - they look like criminals. They use fake IDs, credit card scams, and drive a car around loaded with all kinds of illegal firearms, not to mention the fact that they take lives regularly.

It’s hard for them to stay off the record. Both brothers have been arrested or on the run from the police at one point or another. They’ve been in jail multiple times and they were wanted by practically the entire country when Leviathans took their place and publicly took lives.

It’s a wonder how they are even still free with all of their run-ins with the law. Fans have to ignore that and just pretend the reality they are given makes sense.


While Sam’s track record with relationship has never been the best, his weird connection to Ruby is at the top of the list of bad romantic choices.

The Winchesters have always hated demons. They’re the reason why their mother perished and Sam and Dean have seen how much destruction they do.

This is why fans were surprised that Sam chose to be with Ruby, particularly after Dean passed away at the hands of a demon.

When Dean is resurrected, he finds Sam with Ruby, who is training Sam to use his powers. It doesn't matter how powerful he could be, Sam’s choice to continue working with her never made much sense. Fans have always pushed that relationship choice aside.


Life as a hunter is never easy. It’s a lot of time on the road and there isn’t a lot of room for a paying job on top of fighting ghosts and demons. Sam and Dean do need money, of course, and they don’t always earn it honestly.

While they’ve had places to stay on and off like Bobby’s and the bunker, they do have to pay for hotels, food, and gas. They’ve been showing getting this money from credit card scams, hustling, theft, and other illegal means.

While Sam and Dean are often heroic, they do break the law in order to earn some money. Most fans believe that it's best to ignore the bad things they do to pay for things and focus on their good deeds.



If he was really about to receive his Bachelor’s degree and move on to law school, he would have been there for at least four years. However, later in the same exact season, Dean mentions that Sam has been away at school for only two years.

There’s no way that he could have been close to completing law school in just two years. While it’s a minor detail, college is a major part of Sam’s backstory so a lot of fans ignore the discrepancies.


While it’s always been clear that both Sam and Dean have serious issues with their father, they both also have deep-rooted mommy issues as well.

Dean can clearly remember her passing and often obsesses over Mary because she was around during the only time that he can remember receiving love and care from a parent.

Sam, on the other hand, doesn’t remember his mother well and has always felt guilty for being the reason why she passed away.

Her returning to the show years later to have a relationship with her now adult sons didn’t help their issues. When she chose to leave them right after returning to them, they felt her loss all over again. Sam and Dean both have major parental problems they need to address.


While fans view Sam and Dean as heroes for saving the world from demons, monsters, and ghosts countless times, if you take a step back and really look at the brothers, they are basically taking lives on a daily basis.

Both boys have taken more lives than they can count, and not all of them were evil creatures. They’ve taken the lives of multiple people who were possessed by demons and didn't have to perish, it was just easier to stab them than exorcise them.

On top of that, they genuinely seem to enjoy taking lives, especially Dean. Hunting is an outlet for their rage, and without it, it’s easy to wonder how they would channel that anger and violence. When fans really think about it, the boys are psychopaths with violent tendencies.


Are there any other things wrong with Supernatural's Dean and Sam that fans tend to ignore? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I know I am being whiny, but I just have to get this out. Although I think he is gorgeous, I am tired of hearing “Jensen, Jensen, Jensen” all of the time. I think Sam is equally cute and worthwhile. I see this on Facebook all of the time.

    Tracie Schulz on
  • It doesnt matter whats wrong with them….they’re both gorgeous😚😚😚

    Kathrene Marie Teague on
  • Well their lack of scars is explained and Sam didn’t start the apocalypse Dean did. Alistair even says and I quote “And it is written when a righteous man first spills blood in hell as he breaks and shall it break” there fore Dean started the apocalypse

    Lee Truckel on
  • While a fan of the show yes I have also found in being a young fan a lot of inconsistances with this article. Arnie maybe you should go back and rewatch the show because things like Dean taking Madison(the werewolf) live was not true. She actually had Sam take her life so she wouldn’t cause anymore harm. Sam left Amelia only after he was threatened subtly by her husband Don. Ruby was manipulative and had Sam and Dean believing she was wanting to help. Sam shouldn’t be blamed for the starting the Apocalypse. He was unaware that killing Lillith would break the final seal. On top of that Sam lives still in Season 13 with that guilt. Dean’s eating habits are more like even with all the carbs he takes in the amount of energy shows that he burns them plus some. Sam is the brains more than Dean and while he does get knocked out he doesn’t stay out long sometimes and there have been times Dean’s been knocked out and Sam saved his ass. Sam could have gotten his pre law bachelors in two years and as is set in episode 1 of the first season his LSats were extremely high and he was applying for the actual program so he wasn’t getting his complete law degree (I would know I was a college student). Them having scars would have changed once both came back from Hell. After Sam came out there was Cas and yes he would have healed them several times healing scars so neither one would have had scars with how many times Cas heals them. Dean doesn’t get off on killing monsters mostly its if he has a smart ass remark but that in and of its self isn’t about killing the monster. They never take lives if they can help it. Demons most of the time have already killed their vessels so killing the demon isn’t going to help the vessel. If they’ve had to kill demons where the vessel could have been alive mostly is cause they had no other choice and couldn’t choose to take ten minutes and nearly killing themselves to exorcise the demon especially if the demon is choking them to death or trying to stab them. They do come back from the dead and yes it’s weird but the boys don’t always save each other sometimes its God (Chuck) sending Cas to save one or the other or even another being (Gabriel in Mystery Spot) messing with them which while it counts toward kills doesn’t count in that he was making them relive things over. The reason they are codependent on each other is that they are all they have left or were till Mary showed up. I think they do have mommy issues but not to the point they let it cripple them. Mary comes back around in the end of season 12 and they realize their family is important to them. The issue with Sam wanting a normal life yes at times he wonders what it would be like but he also knows that he as a job and it’s saving as many people as he can. In the beginning they do use credit card scams but also Sam and Dean bet on pool or horse races which in most states isn’t illegal. Sam also has bussed tables at bars and such as honest work though it’s not been but for a few days. They’ve never actually thieved money from banks or such (the Levithan’s don’t count). Their police records are inconsistant because they’ve been pronounced dead twice and on top of that most of the towns they go to don’t look at the FBI files everytime someone new rolls into town. So yes this is just a few things and I think you should really realize that there are things fans don’t ignore its more like things fans keep up with and remember just don’t dwell on them. Please go watch Supernatural over again and open your eyes to things before thinking the SPN family is either dumb or blind to our boys.

    Jennifer Rogers on
  • I found the entire column interesting and a fum insight, but there were two things that struck wrong with me. It was not Dean who had killed Sam’s werewolf lover; she had asked for Sam to be the one to do it. Also, when Sam trapped himself in the Cage with Michael (and Adam) and Lucifer, Dean wasn’t the one to get him out. He was genuinely surprised and wanted answers. It was later revealed in a conversation between Castiel and Crowley that one of them had done it as part of their “working arrangement.”

    Other than that, loved the interesting read. Keep it up.

    Aina on

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