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QUIZ: Will You Survive The Supernatural Crossroads Demons?

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Supernatural fans, we know you've been wondering what would happen if you made a deal with a crossroad demon. Well, you're about to find out....

Tell us what you get in the comments below! and you just might win some AWESOME gear like this  
Supernatural Necklace and T-Shirt

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  • Done in by the Hellhounds….

    Catherine H. on
  • I was saved by Dean winchester & Sam Winchester & I still got my wish

    Tiffany on
  • Im dead Lol. " NOOOOO! Crossroads demon kills you!"

    Felicity Beachel on
  • I was saved by Dean and Sam

    Jody Mulari on
  • Demons killed me, but thank Chuck it wasn’t as dang clown. At least I got my wish!!

    Tracy on

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