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"Jensen Ross Ackles" The Whole Thing!

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Jensen Ross Ackles portrays Dean Winchester on The CW show Supernatural,as one of the two main characters, alongside fellow Texan Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.


Born to Donna Joan Shaffer and Alan Ackles on March 1st, 1978 in Dallas, Texas, he is three years younger than brother Joshua and seven years older than sister Mackenzie. Although he had planned to study sports medicine and become a physical therapist, he moved to Los Angeles to launch himself in an acting career.

Having modeled on and off since the age of 4, Jensen focused on an acting career in 1996. Since then he appeared in several guest roles, such as in "Mr. Rhodes", "Cybill" and "Sweet Valley High". In 1997, he joined the cast of "Days of Our Lives" as Eric Brady which nominated him for several awards. This was followed by several other shows, such as "Dark Angel", "Smallville" and "Dawson's Creek".

In 2005, he was cast as the older brother Dean Winchester on Supernatural,and has starred in all the episodes till date, now on its 13th season. He has also directed an episode of the sixth season, Weekend at Bobby's and one of the seventh season, The Girl Next Door, as well as season eight's Heartache. In the tenth season he directed Soul Survivor and in the eleventh season The Bad Seed.

His big break in movies came when he was cast as Tom Hanniger in the remake of the 1981 cult movie, "My Bloody Valentine", in 2008, called "My Bloody Valentine 3D".

Ackles has done his share in voice acting. His notable roles are Jason Todd in Batman: Under The Red Hood, Gibson in the video game TRON: Evolution and Kyle Madigan in the Parasite Eve spin-off, The 3rd Birthday which was set to be released in March 29, 2011.

He has had many relationships, including a somewhat discreet relationship with lesser known Sam (last name unknown). However, on May 15th, 2010, he married long time girlfriend Danneel Harris. Their daughter Justice Jay "JJ" Ackles was born on May 30, 2013. She shares her birthday with Mark Sheppard, who plays Crowley.

Jensen and Danneel welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, on Friday, December 2nd 2016, and named them Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes Ackles.

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  • Jensen stated that Dean is incapable of crying. Instead, his face "leaks".
  • When Misha first came on set, Jensen found Misha's gravely voice "shocking".
  • Like Dean, Jensen is very protective of The Impala. He got mad when his stunt double drove the car into a ditch and was noticeably frustrated when Courtney Ford's stunt double drove off with it in "The Future".
  • Jensen once had a dream about the show ending with Dean trading The Impala for a motorbike, since Sam was gone and there was no need for a passenger seat.
  • During SDCC 2017, Jensen revealed that his favorite prop was the angel blade, and compared it to a fidget spinner.



Year Title Role Notes
2004 The Plight of Clownana Jensen Short film
2005 Devour Jake Gray Straight-to-DVD
2007 Ten Inch Hero (Boaz)Priestly
2009 My Bloody Valentine 3D Tom Hanniger
2010 Batman:Under The Red Hood Jason Todd/Red Hood

DC Original animated film:voice role


In addition to acting, Jensen has also taken the mantle of director a few times on Supernatural. He has directed the following episodes:

  • "Weekend at Bobby's"
  • "The Girl Next Door"
  • "Heartache"
  • "Soul Survivor"
  • "The Bad Seed"

Award Nominations and Awards:

  • Nominations:
    • Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for Days of Our Lives (1998)
    • Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for Days of Our Lives (1999)
    • Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for Days of Our Lives (2000)
    • Teen Choice Award - TV - Choice Breakout Star for Supernatural (2005)
    • Constellation Award - Best Male Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Television Episode for In My Time Of Dying (2007)
    • SFX Award - Best TV Actor for Supernatural (2007)
    • Constellation Award - Best Male Performance in a 2007 Science Fiction Television Episode for What Is And What Should Never Be (2008)
    • Ewwy Award - Best Actor in a Drama Series for Supernatural (2008)
    • Constellation Award - Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode for The End'(2010)
    • TV Guide Award - Favourite Actor for Supernatural (2011)
    • Teen Choice Award - Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi for Supernatural (2012)
    • Constellation Award - Best Male Performance in a 2012 Science Fiction Television Episode for We Need To Talk About Kevin (2013)
    • People's Choice Award - Favorite Dramatic TV Actor for Supernatural (2013)
    • SFX Award - Best TV Actor for Supernatural (2013)
    • Teen Choice Award - Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi for Supernatural (2013)
    • People's Choice Award - Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor for Supernatural (2014)
  • Awards:
    • Soap Opera Digest Award - Outstanding Male Newcomer for Days of Our Lives (1998)
    • People's Choice Award - Favorite TV Bromance (shared with Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins) for Supernatural (2014)
    • Teen Choice Award - Choice TV Chemistry (shared with Misha Collins) for Supernatural (2015)
    • People's Choice Award - Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor for Supernatural (2016)


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