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How Rare Is Your Personality?

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

1% of the population: You are a fighter and a perfectionist! How rare is your personality? Only 1% of the population has your strong mind, soul, and spirit. Your most defining traits: You set high standards and you achieve them (yet you don't see it), you are a control freak and you are flawless in everything you do. You have a strength and fighting spirit that few can match. You're strong, determined, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice for what you believe in. You are incredibly courageous and fight hard to achieve your goals. This type of warrior spirit goes along with your perfectionism. You always try to do the best work possible, and you inspire others to do the same. Possessing this combination of traits, has taken a long toll on your life, and we think you should try to relax a little, even take a short vacation, you will feel better, trust us!

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