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Dean will "put the moves" on Daphne in Supernatural's special Scooby-Doo episode

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Supernatural will be staging a crossover with Scooby-Doo this season...
because it's season 13 and, at this stage, why the hell not?

Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, Jensen revealed that "the majority"
of the 
special episode will be animated.

"Everybody's super-excited about it," Ackles said. "We've already done
the voiceover – we did that back in February – and we've seen some
renderings and... I don't want to give away too much,
but it'll be the majority of the show.

You get a little live-action in the beginning and then that gets us into
Scooby Land and it's pretty cool. I'm pretty stoked about it."

Way back in season two, Dean had expressed his... admiration 
for a certain Scooby Doo character. So we had to ask...
will Dean get to meet Daphne?

"Oh course he does!" Ackles grinned.
"Yeah! And he might try to put the moves!"


Misha Collins also spoke to us at Comic-Con 
about season 13, and the unique circumstances
of his character's return to the series.

"Cas – when he does come back as more than a lifeless body – we find
him in a realm that we've talked about on Supernatural before but have
never seen," he revealed.

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