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Crowley also calls Sam and Dean "Moose and Squirrel,"

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SPN Family is the term most commonly used term for the fandom. Given the "family doesn't end with blood" theme of the show, the only surprise about the term is that fandom didn't think of it earlier, and it took Jared to really get the term into usage.

When the Supernatural fandom began, fans would occasionally discuss collective terms that could be applied to Supernatural fans, similar to "Trekkies or Trekkers" for Star Trek fans, or "Whovians" for fans of the Doctor Who. Discussions were had, polls conducted, suggestions such as rocksalters, saltgunners, renegades and roadies canvassed, but nothing ever stuck.

Super fans has been used occasionally - possibly coined by TV Guide reviewer Matt Roush is response to a fan postcard campaign in February 2007 source. In the show Becky Rosen is referred to more than once as Sam's "super fan

Around early 2011, the term "Supernatural Family" came into circulation, used at first by Jared to describe how he felt about the relationship between the cast, crew and fans: "It's like my third family," he says of his fans. "I have my family, my on-set family, and then our 'Supernatural' family, so I love them. My 'Supernatural' family's the biggest and strongest, so I love 'em." He also used it at the Comic Con 2011 The usage spread amongst other crew members on Twitter such as Jim Michaels.

For the 2013 People's Choice Awards, there was also a new category for "Favorite TV Fan Following". The Supernatural fandom was referred to as "Dean Girls, Sam Girls, and Misha Wives". Within hours of the polls opening, fan complaints about this led to it being changed to SPNFamily. We won the award!

Sam and Dean

While not exactly a nickname, the most common term used to refer collectively to Sam and Dean is "the boys." This term originated on the show, as used by older characters such as Bobby, John Winchester and Ellen Harvelle, but was quickly adopted by fans and crew members to refer either to both Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen. Likewise, these characters have all referred to them in the singular as "boy." Crowley greets Sam and Dean on several occasions by saying "Hello, boys".

As for themselves, Sam and Dean have a childish habit where Dean calls Sam "Bitch" and Sam responds with "Jerk". While this exchange became strongly associated with the characters in the fandom, it has only been used six times in the the show.

Bobby's affectionate term for the boys is Idjits. Bobby's dying word to the boys is "Idjits".

Most commonly, it's the Winchester's adversaries who refer to them by a variety of pejorative epithets:

  • Uriel refers to Dean, and all humans, as "mud monkeys"
  • Atropos, Crowley and finally Castiel himself, refer to Sam and Dean as Cas' "pets".
  • Interestingly, Sam is called Chachi by Gordon and then Dean by Pamela. This is a reference to Chachi from "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi".
  • Abaddon calls the boys "Howdy and Doody".

Probably the most expressive term is used by the ever articulate Crowley who calls them "denim-wrapped nightmares". He also calls them the Hardy Boys, a term long-used in the Television Without Pity recaps of Supernatural. That forum also referred to the boys in 2005/06 as The Brothers Dean. This related to Jared's previous role as Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls. Occasionally Sam was referred to as Cute! Dean and Dean as Hot! Dean.

Crowley also calls Sam and Dean "Moose and Squirrel," respectively, referring to the cartoon duo of Bullwinkle (the moose) and Rocky (a squirrel) and Timon and Pumbaa who are a cartoon meerkat and warthog duo who first appeared in Disney's 1994 animated film The Lion King. Crowley's caller id for Dean is Not Moose.

Charlie Bradbury once called Sam "Groot" and Dean "Rocket" in reference to the tree and raccoon duo of Marvel.

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