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Could Michael re-enter Dean without permission?

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

If Michael has really left Dean on Supernatural, there are lots of questions about taking over the vessel again. Does Michael need Dean to say yes one more time?

In Supernatural Season 14, Episode 2, many were shocked to learn that Dean was Dean again. Michael had left the building. At least, that’s the way it looks. While it’s clear there’s something still wrong with Dean, Michael doesn’t seem to be inside there.

Now it’s brought up a question about the future. Does Michael need Dean’s permission to enter the vessel again? Is once enough like vampires only needing to be invited in the once? Or is it like general consent, where Dean should be able to take it back?

Angels haven’t been able to go back into their vessels without consent before. The only time we’ve seen an archangel return to their previous vessel was Lucifer to Nick. However, this was under very different circumstances because of the following:

  • Nick had (presumably) died
  • Crowley performed a spell to put Lucifer back in
  • Crowley’s spell made Nick a permanent vessel

Under normal circumstances, an angel or archangel can’t just jump from body to body. They’re not like demons, who don’t need permission to possess. So, under normal circumstances, since we know Crowley hasn’t performed a spell, Michael shouldn’t be able to repossess Dean without permission.

Jensen Ackles SPNVan SUpernatural Season 14

But are these normal circumstances?

This is Supernatural and anything is possible, right? The mythology around some aspects of angels and Heaven has been changed over time. Is it possible that the mythology around archangels and repossession will be changed?

If that remains the same, is it possible that Michael has already done something? We know that Dean is suffering from something. The blurry vision and noise suggest that there’s something in his head. My theory is that Michael has set up some sort of doorway or window, so he can see what’s going on through Dean’s eyes when necessary.

Is it possible that this has left a gateway open to allow Michael control when he wants? Or has Michael got a witch working for him to get into Dean when he needs his sword back?

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Michael isn’t stupid. He plans ahead and he wouldn’t leave Dean without a plan. Why leave your most powerful vessel? Granted, this isn’t our Michael and the Apocalypse World didn’t have a Dean Winchester so Michael’s sword could have been someone else, but Dean and Apocalypse Michael seem to believe that Dean is the sword. Michael wouldn’t just leave without a plan.

And this is where the plan could lie. Could it be that we’ll get Michael!Dean at some point again because of this gateway that Michael has managed to leave open?

Do you think Dean can be repossessed without permission? What has Michael done to Dean? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Yes I do believe that Michael can possess Dean again without his permission because he was corrupted in the Au.

    Shelby Schumacher on
  • I think Michael is still there just like when Sam had his angel…he just does not know he is there… yet

    lana on
  • I think Michael is still there just like when Sam had his angel…he just does not know he is there… yet

    lana on

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